About Us

Our small but highly effective team delivers the following:

Focus, energy and tenacity: To bring about a successful project, a desire to achieve results must drive decisions and actions consistently through the process.

Commitment, responsibility and ownership: We will embrace the opportunity to invest in project outcomes and take ‘bottom line’ responsibility. We are prepared to commit entirely to the project. We are prepared to ‘put our money where our mouths are’.

Technical excellence, team leadership: 20 years experience in ‘real life’ profit delivery will make demands of the professional team to deliver extraordinary results from their specialist input.

Complete transparency and candour: Each project will be treated as our own and transparency of cost and commitment is agreed without reserve. There will be no ‘jobs for the boys’. Mandates, audit trails and complete honesty are offered. We will not profit or benefit from the project by any means beyond the reward structure agreed.

Contact Us

9 De Grey Square
Essex, CO4 5YQ
T: 01206 848 845
E: info@degrey.co.uk

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